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Farmland Financing

Purchasing a few acres of farmland, untouched wilderness or even a small piece of agricultural land can be a valuable investment. However, the challenge lies with lenders to model default risk in agricultural loan portfolios.
Whether the farmer is new and just getting started or an experienced owner-operator looking at expansion, finding the right agricultural mortgage product with its own complexities is sometimes tricky and time-consuming. Rihana can match your mortgage inquiry with the right lender and facilitate the process for you.
Farm Field


Land Mortgages
Financing farmland and buildings
Long-term financing
Expanding existing farm operations


​Purchasing land
Improving cash management to help you operate your farm
Financing equipment
Construction Worker


 Dealer Financing Program, offered by some lenders, allows the borrower to finance new or used farm equipment though a participating dealer. One of the benefits is to apply at your dealership and work with agriculture experts. However, you have also the option of going with a private sale.
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Flexible and convenient financing tailored to the needs of feeder cattle & breeding livestock producers
Unique products built for cattle producers
Purchasing and financing livestock at the same place
Farmland financing
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